August 1, 2022


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Authentic Argentine Asado Menu Release

Experience our Argentine Asado with us!

We kicked off our first official asado at The Orange County Polo Club, the perfect venue for al fresco dining, catching a polo match with rolling green hills as the backdrop, and experiencing the sights and flavors of our unique asado! Guests enjoyed tender cuts of meat straight from the parrilla (grill) while sipping on wine and catching a polo match under the summer sun. Now you can also enjoy the authentic flavors of our Argentine asado experience! Our Asado Menu comes with Entrana (Skirt Steak), Pollo a la Parrilla (Barbequed Whole Chicken), Chorizo (Sausage), Empanadas, Choripan, Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Salad), Ensalada Rusa (Russian Salad), Parrillada de Verduras (Grilled Vegetables), Pan (Baguette), and Gabbi’s Chimichurri. To really amp up your asado experience, upgrades are available for the noted additional costs. We’re breaking down every aspect of our asado experience to educate you on our menu and get you into the Argentine spirit!

Our asado is not only limited to the Orange County Polo Club, but anywhere with outdoor space for grilling like a backyard, park, or any one of our venues. Although the OC Polo Club might be the best backdrop for this special occasion, we will bring our Argentinian flare with us wherever you please!


In Argentina, an “Asado” is not just a way of cooking meat; it’s an art form, all day affair, and part of the Argentine national identity. A traditional asado is an elaborate system and purposeful set of customs masterfully put in place for cooking, serving and eating grilled meats that many generations have shared within their families. The most important necessity for a successful asado is a knowledgeable asador who oversees the parrilla (grill) and adds their own special technique to make the asado unique to them. The asador will provide an all-day sensory experience cooking mouth-watering chicken, beef, and vegetables to be traditionally served with chimichurri sauce, accompanied by a mixed salad and of course, washed down with Malbec; a strong and slightly spicy red wine that Argentina is known for. Asados are constantly being updated or altered, but the tradition remains strong in what should accompany the delicious cuts of meat; free time and plenty of good company open to experiencing a day full of tasty meats, red wine and authentic Argentine cuisine.


The saying goes, “If it cooks, it’s a parrilla.” A Parrilla is an Argentine grill that can come in many shapes and sizes, sometimes with just a single oven rack over coals in the street and other times as adjustable racks and a wood pit, but the outcome remains the same as long as you have a knowledgeable asador. Each cut of meat and slice of vegetable is perfectly displayed over burning coals so that every piece of food can slightly char and crisp on the outside and slow cook on the inside. The asador oversees prepping the meats, repeatedly dousing the asado in salmuera (brine), slaving over the hot coals for hours on end, and continuously serving the guests as meats and vegetables are fully cooked and ready. The asadors skill, knowledge and love to pull off a great asado does not go unnoticed by guests as they bite into tender meats, juicy vegetables and refreshing sides.


There is no asado without a large array of meats and we are serving up a multitude of mouth-watering cuts. While the asado (short ribs) is cooking on the iron cross, vacio (flank), entrana (skirt steak), ojo de bife (rib eye), bife de chorizo (sirlo), tria de asado (Argentine short ribs), chorizo (sausage), and pollo a la parrilla (barbequed whole chicken) are grilled on the parrilla. The asado takes around 5 hours to fully cook while the other cuts of meat are taken off and carved for serving once they have reached their optimal doneness. You and your guests will be snacking on these succulent meats and appetizers until the main show (asado) is complete providing a day long experience.


During our asado experience you will taste the authentic flavors of Argentina including refreshing salads and delectable appetizers. Chorizo typically comes off the parrilla first and can be eaten sandwiched between pan (bread) with some chimichurri. Empanadas are easy to eat during the asado and everyone’s favorite Argentinean treat that come stuffed with beef, chicken, ham and cheese, corn, or cheesy spinach. For the vegetarians, parrillada de verduras (grilled vegetables) like onions, eggplant, zucchini, and peppers come off the grill slightly charred and ready for eating. Two salads are typically served to cut the heaviness of the many meats you will be eating: Ensalada mixta (mixed salad) and ensalada rusa (Russian salad). The ensalada mixta traditionally combines lettuce, onion, and tomato while the ensalada Rusa is a potato salad with mayo, peas and carrots.


No asado is complete without salsas to accompany your meats. Asado salsas are not used to cover up the juicy flavors of each meat, but rather to add complexity and a new flavor dimension to the already delicious entrees. The most popular salsa is chimichurri which is typically made from dried seasonings like ground pepper, paprika, oregano, garlic, onion, parsley, oil and vinegar. Chimichurri is generally placed on the table to be lightly eaten with your meat or for bread sopping, not to smother everything in it. This herbaceous sauce is sure to add a little extra zing to your meal.

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